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Welcome to JeffSeid.com!

Welcome to my official site! I will be updating the site often, so enjoy and thank you for the support.

Personal Training

Need some training? Tired of seeing no gains after countless months of training and dieting? Let me train you at the personal training section of my site. I am an ISSA certified trainer that has trained at the top gyms in America! By purchasing one of the four plans, you will receive a fully detailed and personalized program that is based upon your goals. I will shed all of my accumulated knowledge that I have gathered throughout my seven years of training and my expertise on nutrition to you.

Once you make a purchase you will immediately be emailed an extensive questionnaire, in the questionnaire you will answer various questions such as your goals, how often you currently exercise, ideal physique, weight, age, gender, etc. This information will help me create the perfect program designed personally for you!

Let me help you achieve your dream physique!

Members Site

Become a member and gain access to exclusive Workout, Cooking/Nutrition, and Daily life videos where I explain directly to you what I’ve done to get where I am at today. I take you right along with me straight to my personal workouts and show you the top workouts/exercises that have helped me achieve my physique! Let me show you the right way of training. Also over 100+ never before seen pictures that are updated regularly along with a brand new video that is uploaded weekly!

Also do you have a question for me?? Ask away! I will be answering questions daily on the forums of the member’s site. You’ll have your very own personal account! Interact with other members on the various forum sections, troll around a bit on the misc section if you’d like.

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